About us

about us

Ol’Vita is a Polish family business founded in 2004 by Krzysztof Dziaduch, based on many years of experience and passion in the field of purchasing, contracting and processing of seeds and oil pressing technology. Currently, Ol’Vita is famous for its high-quality cold-pressed, raw and unrefined oils. We currently offer almost 40 types of cold-pressed raw oils in continuous sales. The invaluable experience, knowledge, and passion of our family members allowed us to build a company, initially with a local presence, but now with national and international standing. The extraordinary distinction was the awarding of our company in 2013 by the President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski in the national competition “Sposób na Sukces”, family category, third-degree award.

Our mission is to produce healthy food and natural cosmetics from the highest quality natural raw materials from reliable and selected suppliers. The mutual work also focuses on the constant search for new commercial outlets within and outside the country to provide all people with free, unrestricted access to our products.

Knowledge and passion oblige us to raise awareness in society about the impact of diet and lifestyle on the health and quality of life of every human being. We do not rest on our laurels, we look for and analyse new findings in the field of dietetics and phytotherapy. We are working on technological solutions that will allow us to extract what is most valuable from the plant’s unique ingredients. What distinguishes us from many other companies in a similar industry is the production of cold-pressed, unrefined oils from difficult and delicate raw materials, such as oil from pomegranate seeds, watermelon seeds, grape seeds, black currant seeds, wheat germs, fenugreek, etc.

We believe in professionalism and knowledge , therefore we cooperate with accredited laboratories and universities. Focusing on development, we undertake innovative actions which, on the basis of our research work, may set new directions for the use of our raw materials.

We are very grateful to our customers for all the positive opinions about our products. The compliments that we often hear give real meaning to our work and strengthen our commitment to our mission.

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