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Foreign an international sales

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Sales of finished products

Herbal and medical shops, Food shops

Food wholesalers, Grocery store chains


Sports food stores,
Dietary and natural medicine clinics

Beauty shops,
Beauty salons,
Massage parlours

Animal shops,
Animal husbandry

Sale of raw materials in bulk

Manufacturers of natural cosmetics

Manufacturers of food and food supplements

Feed mixing plants

Production: own brand

As part of mutual cooperation, we offer:

always fresh, top quality 100% natural Ol'Vita products

nice service

knowledge and experience

fast order processing

refrigeration site for the sale of Dr Budwig's dietary flaxseed oils

company display

advertising material

promoting your outlet to retail customers

Order fulfilment

  • We accept orders: by phone, e-mail, through a virtual warehouse
  • We make every effort to make sure that every order placed by 12.00 noon is completed and sent on the same day.
  • Each package is carefully protected against damage. The standardised method of marking our shipments enables its quick and easy checking up.
  • Completed orders are sent via couriera

A model Ol’Vita package – what is important to you?

Professionalism in every way


Safety and exposure
Taking care of the safety and the image of our products, we offer a choice of professional storage and display at your outlet.

Sale “from fridge to the fridge”
We send Dr Budwig’s linseed oil directly from the cold store in specially designed thermal packaging. It guarantees the stability of the product during transport. To ensure optimal storage temperature (4-10ºC) for this product in your shop, we offer free rental of a refrigerated display.

For the exhibition of other products, we offer a stylish company shelf.

Knowledge is the foundation
Part of our mission is to share knowledge about healthy eating. Therefore, each order is accompanied by professionally prepared product information brochures, taking into account the principles of rational nutrition.