How we press the oils

Ol’Vita Krzysztof Dziaduch
company uses “cold pressing” technology to produce edible vegetable oils. The key role is to use carefully selected raw materials of high purity and of premium class.
The company produces several dozen different cold-pressed oils. In order to guarantee a low pressing temperature, i.e. below 35°C, screw presses and their speed ranges must be specially selected for the type of raw material. Only in this way is it possible to extract oils with constant, unchanging parameters, having the characteristics of virgin oil. In the case of sensitive oils, e.g. Dr Budwig’s linseed oil, which has a high omega-3 acid content, the fat is cooled to below 10°C.
In order to remove the seed particles and protein fractions, the oil under pressure is passed through specialised filters. This process guarantees a neutral taste, characteristic of the raw material from which the oil was extracted. Filtration is one of the elements that affect the high quality of the finished product and the relevant biochemical and microbiological parameters.
There is no production waste left in the cold pressing process, as the remaining pomace is used as a high-protein feed ingredient (e.g. rapeseed or sunflower cake) or as a raw material for the production of various types of flour (e.g. pumpkin flour).