BIO organic Brown linseed

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Ingredients: BIO organic Brown linseed

In the European Union, BIO products are marked with the symbol eurolist, labeling food from organic production and by which it can be recognized in stores.
The product marked as BIO must contain at least 95% organic ingredients, i.e. non-genetically modified, grown without artificial fertilizers, using a limited number of additional components.

Linseed is a well-known oily raw material containing unsaturated fatty acids (29 g / 100 g). After flooding with water, flax seeds swell and give off characteristic mucus. It is worth knowing that there are varieties of linseed with low and high content of omega-3 fatty acids.
Flax seeds are characterized by a high content of dietary fiber (18 g / 100 g *) and phosphorus (722 mg / 100 g *), magnesium (291 mg / 100 g *), iron (17.1 mg / 100 g *), and zinc (7.80 mg / 100 g *) and manganese (1.20 mg / 100 g *). In addition, it is a valuable source of potassium (762 mg / 100 g *), calcium (195 mg / 100 g *) and vegetable protein.

* “Tables for food composition and nutritional value” by prof. dr hab. H.Kunachowicz

For direct consumption as an addition to muesli, yogurt, smoothie, salads.
After brewing with boiling water: to drink or as a “binder” to create gluten-free products.
For baking, breading.