Pumpkin seed flour

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Ingredients: ground, partially defatted unroasted pumpkin seeds

Made from pumpkin seeds valued for their nutritional value. After milling and partial defatting, flour with a wide range of culinary possibilities is obtained. The fluffy green color and taste typical of pumpkin seeds is often used as an addition to yoghurts, smoothies, pastes and the production of high-protein bars for athletes.
Very willingly used by mothers who want to smuggle additional nutritional value into their children in the meal. Attractive taste and green color are a lot of possibilities that are worth using when preparing green fritters, pancakes, cookies or pasta.
When preparing a mixture for baking dough or bread, it is worth remembering that this flour is made from pumpkin seeds, which naturally do not contain gluten in their composition. Too much pumpkin seed flour in the mix will reduce dough elasticity and stickiness.