Coconut oil Cold-pressed , raw

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Coconut oil Cold-pressed , raw
Unrefined coconut oil is extracted by cold pressing of coconut copra. Modern technology, including special types of presses for extracting this oil and many years of experience in coconut copra allow us to obtain a high quality product. It is always fresh, aromatic and without sediment.
Due to the high content of saturated fatty acids (92 g/100 g, including lauric acid 50 g/100 g) and the high smoking temperature, it is safe for frying. In addition, it gives a wonderful aroma and taste to fried dishes, such as pancakes or apple drop scones. It is also very often used for baking, e.g. muffins, tarts or cookies. For many people, coffee with coconut oil is a big surprise.
Coconut oil cold-pressed changes its consistency depending on the ambient temperature.
Below 21-22º C, it will have a constant white consistency with visible or not, “crystals” (their presence depends on the temperature and the rate of oil solidification).
Above 22º C, the oil will be liquid and transparent.