Flax seed oil Cold-pressed , raw (Linseed oil)

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Flax seed oil is extracted by cold pressing of low alpha-linolenic linseeds. It significantly differs in the content of omega-3 fatty acids and the shelf life from Dr. Budwig’s linseed oil. Flax seed oil contains 1.5-7 g of omega-3 acids and Dr. Budwig’s linseed oil contains 50-56 g/100 g.Thanks to low extrusion temperature, modern technology and selection of the highest quality raw material, we are able to produce the highest quality oil.
Cold-pressed linseed oil has a high unsaturated fat content (88 g/100 g).
Linoleic acid (LA) helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. The beneficial effect occurs with an intake of 10 g LA a day.
Maintaining a healthy state of health requires a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
It is important that the oil is stored in a dark, cool place, and after opening in the fridge.
At low temperatures, the oil can become cloudy. It is a natural process, fully reversible, not affecting the quality of the product.
Linseed oil has a delicate, slightly nutty, characteristic taste. Due to the fact that linseed oil is a 100 % natural product, the taste, colour and smell of the oil may vary from batch to batch.Use and recommended intake:
For direct consumption or as an addition to salads, mayonnaise, dips, and other dishes.
It is not recommended to heat the oil.

Suggested serving is 5 teaspoons / day.