Black cumin oil cold pressed, crude

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Ingredients: Black cumin oil, cold pressed, crude, unrefined

This oil is extruded from carefully selected seeds of black cumin (Nigella Sativa). Modern technology ensuring low oil pressing temperature (max up to 40ºC) without refining process, allows to preserve the most valuable active ingredients of the oil.

Black cumin oil is characterized by a high content of unsaturated fats. In addition, it contains naturally occurring essential oils
(including thymoquinone – approx. 0.8%) and vitamin E.

Replacing unsaturated fat in the diet helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are unsaturated fats).

Linoleic acid (LA) helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. The beneficial effect is on the consumption of 10 g LA per day.
Maintaining proper health requires balanced nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Black cumin oil has an intense flavor and aroma, referred to as spicy, bitter-spicy. In the culinary aspect, it perfectly harmonizes with Mozarella cheese, basil, tomatoes, egg, broccoli. Perfect for soups, salads, stewed vegetables and bread.

Due to the fact that black cumin oil is a 100% natural product, the intensity of the taste, color and smell of oil may have varying intensity in individual batches of the product.

Recommended intake:
For direct consumption 1 teaspoon (4 g) / day, preferably during a meal.
Oil heating is not recommended.

In the case of limited tolerance of intense oil taste, we recommend:
– dilution of black cumin oil with another, milder taste cold pressed oil, e.g. linseed, milk thistle, evening primrose
– divide 1 teaspoon into smaller portions, e.g. 2 x 0.5 teaspoons / day,
– taking black cumin oil in capsules.