Pumpkin seed oil Cold-pressed , raw

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Pumpkin seed oil OLVITA was awarded as TOP PRODUCT ‘Appreciate Polish’ in 2018.

Pumpkin seed oil cold- pressed OLVITA is extracted by pressing unroasted pumpkin seeds at low temperature (max 40º C). We consciously skip the roasting process, all in order to preserve the maximum of active substances from valuable pumpkin seeds.
Cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil is characterised by a high unsaturated fat content
(81 g/100 g) and the presence of naturally occurring vitamin E (46,9 mg/100 g).
Replacing dietary saturated fats with unsaturated fats helps to maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels (mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids are both unsaturated fats).
The beneficial effect occurs with an intake of 10 g LA a day.
Maintaining a healthy state of health requires a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Due to the very low content of omega-3 fatty acids in pumpkin seed oil (0.3 g/100 g), it is recommended to balance the proportion of omega 6: omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. The ideal solution is to use oils with a high content of omega-3 acids at the same time, e.g. Dr. Budwig’s linseed oil, wheat germ oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil.
Use and recommended intake:
For direct consumption or as an addition to desserts, ice cream, salads, pasta or other dishes.
This oil has an aromatic taste and smell that is characteristic for pumpkin seed oil and a dark green colour. Due to the fact that it is a 100 % natural product, the taste, colour and smell of the oil may vary from batch to batch.
It is not recommended to heat the oil.

Suggested serving is 3 teaspoons / day.