What makes us different

Ol’Vita is a family business, consciously and consistently developing its activities in accordance with its mission. We make every effort to make our products our pride. Creating products with our name is a guarantee of their high quality. Ol’Vita is a producer in the literal sense of the word.

We are a company that produces almost 40 types of oils in our product range.

Our main goals are:

Production of healthy food and natural cosmetics without the addition of artificial preservatives, colourings and fragrances, using the highest quality raw materials only from reliable and selected suppliers.

To ensure the highest quality of food produced by us, supported by tests from accredited laboratories.

Cooperation with professional sales outlets, which will provide customers with constant access to fresh Ol’Vita products.

Educating the public on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Development and innovation of our company.

The main branch of our production is cold-pressed, unrefined oils. Currently, we can boast of nearly 40 types of oils offered for sale. Certificates confirm the quality of each batch of raw materials used for pressing and confectioning. Meanwhile, pressed oils are systematically tested in external accredited laboratories.
Modern technology and knowledge allow us to obtain the highest quality stable oils, often from delicate, difficult to press raw materials such as wheat germs, blackcurrant seeds, pomegranate seeds, fenugreek seeds and coriander seeds. Currently, we are one of the few companies in Poland that is able to press oil from such demanding raw materials. Therefore, our oils are often used for research and scientific work at universities.
Research, research, research… This is the one we rely on, it confirms the credibility and quality of our products. We contract laboratory analyses only to accredited research institutions. We cooperate with: J. S. Hamillton, Eurofins Polska, Jars S. A.. We focus on development and innovation, therefore we are in constant contact with the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Out of concern for nature, we carefully segregate our waste and conscientiously settle accounts with the Environmental Protection Department by paying disposal fees. We try to ensure that the packaging we use is recyclable.

Ol'Vita manufacturer of oils for 5 with a plus.